Sunday, February 21, 2016

#MasterpieceCocktail Week 8

#MasterpieceCocktail is brought to you by my husband, Rob.

Tonight I have for you another 1930's, prohibition era cocktail: the Chicago.  The history on the Chicago is a bit spotty, with references to it being made at bars in both Nice and London, but the name is clearly a reference to the Windy City.  Several classic cocktail manuals and guides mention the cocktail so locking down the exact origin seems tough. 

The cocktail is a combination of Cognac, Cointreau/Grand Marnier, Champagne, and bitters.  The resulting cocktail was what I would call tart, but refreshing.  It starts slightly bitter and finishes with a combination of Cognac and Champagne that is refreshing.  The cocktail quickly grew on me as I started to drink it.
The Chicago
1.5 oz Cognac
1/4 tsp Cointreau/Grand Marnier
1 Dash Aromatic Bitters (Angostura)
3-5 oz Champagne
Add all of the ingredients, except for the Champagne, to an ice filled cocktail shaker, shake, and strain into a chilled glass.  Top with the Champagne.

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