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I love all things food!  I love that you can take only a few simple ingredients and turn them into a delicious dish, which is what is so great about rustic French and Italian cuisine, its packed full of flavor from just a few ingredients most of which are staples.

To me, cooking a great meal all starts with quality ingredients, keeping in mind that what you put in is what you get out.  The majority of the recipes I post will only call for about 10 ingredients, give or take 2 to 3 (minus salt, pepper and oil/ butter... if you do not already have these in your kitchen, you're cooking the wrong way).  The great part about simple ingredients is that most of them can be used in other recipes too!

Something else I find a lot of fun is to experiment with recipes I know well and look for ways to try something new.  It's amazing what minor changes in ingredients, cooking methods, or tools can do to a recipe, one change has the power to make something new entirely.

I know a common issue or impediment for people in our demographic (mid-20s working in a big city) is the quality of kitchen appliances available(usually the kitchens are small and the appliances aren't the best).  We live in small apartment with builders grade appliances and, while cooking requires more patience, attention, and care in this situation, you don't need a kitchen like the ones you see on TV to be able to cook a great meal.

The point I want to make with this blog is that the only things you need to cook are the right ingredients (fresh is always better), a bit of know how, and a little courage to try something new (and in my case a husband willing to act as sous chef, busboy, and bartender to make things more fun).

I hope you enjoy the food and drinks, Bon Apetit!  Mangia!


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